5 déc. 2008

Thank you!

Despite of al challenges of space, organisation and equipement yesterday - fashion show 'Du createur a l'entrepreneur' was a sucess! We have been getting a very positive feedback from our audience. Thank you for coming and thank you for supporting us!

We would like to thank to all great designers who were participating in the show, who with their professionalism, and beautiful collections of clothes and accessories, mostly contributed to the fact that the show was absolutely unique and gathering so many different styles.

What we were trying to demonstrate that evening was breaking a cliché about designers trapped in a sort of ‘castaway’ from the business world, and having not much to with accounting, finance and marketing. We think that on the example of our great guests we showed that these wonderful, energetic and successful people really have a lot to do with entrepreneurship, as what they are actually pursuing is a real market opportunity, which needs a realistic business model to make it work. They succeed which we hope will inspire other young designers and other persons interested in fashion, to think about their creative work not only as creators but also as businessman. Finally we would like to say a thank you to all people working with us: our beautiful models, hairdressers, make up artists, and photographers, and journalists who came here not only from France but also from Germany and from The United Kingdom. Thank you very much to the team of Frank Provost and Mr Pascal Morand for joining our project and making this evening so special. Please also mind the fact that everything what you have seen yesterday was put together by about 50 different persons working with us. Our project had 0 budget in the very beginning, and in the core there were only 5 people working on that, so we would like to thank all of them for making this happen.

Soon we will be sharing pictures from the show, so have a look on our site from time to time so you will not miss them.

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