1 déc. 2008

Almost 100 visits per day!

Our blog attracts on average 100 visitors per day, which is absolutely great! So far we have 450 confirmed guests, out of whom many are press representatives, photographers, designers, and certainly the ESCP-EAP professors, alumni and students. Thank you very much for all your enthusiasm and support which you have showed us so far - every day we are doing our best to make this fashion show the best possible, so we really hope that you will enjoy this event!

For those who have not confirmed their presence yet - if you wish to attend our fashion show on the 4th of December, please send us an e-mail on invitation.dcale@gmail.com.

Also, for those who would be interested to join the prestigious group of our strategic partners and to gain exposure to all our guests - do not hesitate to contact us on ducreateuralentrepreneur@gmail.com.

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