30 nov. 2008

Designer Profile (6) - Peter McDonald

Britain, Britain, Britain…

Last but not least, we are presenting you our last designer who will feature his works during our fashion show 'Du créateur à l'entrepreneur'. He is British, but presently living in France, and with his brand - Empire’s Union - he proposes you a mixture of British-French stylish T-shirts.

Why Empire’s Union? Apparently, our British fellows seem to be quite distant from the rest of their other European colleagues. Monarchy, Monthy Phyton, Mr. Bean, Katie Prince, English breakfast... There are strong arguments indeed which prove that Britain is a very independent star in our European universe. In this meaning, the ring of stars in the logo are to represent taking part but not belonging. The graphical design entirely refers to the geometry of the star and hence what is meant by the star: proximity with priniciples, freedom, etc…

Whatever it is supposed to mean – Peter McDonald offers you some really cool T-shirts, with fancy designs and often with an interesting message to pass – to observe the world alternatively.

Apart of seeing his collection during our fashion show, you can have a look on it via website (http://www.empiresunion.com/)and you can also buy them at Sylvia Rhud Gallery on 19 Rue Pierre Fontaine in Paris (9th district).

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