5 déc. 2008

Thank you!

Despite of al challenges of space, organisation and equipement yesterday - fashion show 'Du createur a l'entrepreneur' was a sucess! We have been getting a very positive feedback from our audience. Thank you for coming and thank you for supporting us!

We would like to thank to all great designers who were participating in the show, who with their professionalism, and beautiful collections of clothes and accessories, mostly contributed to the fact that the show was absolutely unique and gathering so many different styles.

What we were trying to demonstrate that evening was breaking a cliché about designers trapped in a sort of ‘castaway’ from the business world, and having not much to with accounting, finance and marketing. We think that on the example of our great guests we showed that these wonderful, energetic and successful people really have a lot to do with entrepreneurship, as what they are actually pursuing is a real market opportunity, which needs a realistic business model to make it work. They succeed which we hope will inspire other young designers and other persons interested in fashion, to think about their creative work not only as creators but also as businessman. Finally we would like to say a thank you to all people working with us: our beautiful models, hairdressers, make up artists, and photographers, and journalists who came here not only from France but also from Germany and from The United Kingdom. Thank you very much to the team of Frank Provost and Mr Pascal Morand for joining our project and making this evening so special. Please also mind the fact that everything what you have seen yesterday was put together by about 50 different persons working with us. Our project had 0 budget in the very beginning, and in the core there were only 5 people working on that, so we would like to thank all of them for making this happen.

Soon we will be sharing pictures from the show, so have a look on our site from time to time so you will not miss them.

3 déc. 2008

And here we go!

THE day has finally come, so we invite you to join us for our fashion show at MIX starting today at 19:00, where you will see the result of our over two-month preparations. Take your cameras, friends, and certainly - do not forget your visiting cards as you may need them during a networking session after the show. Also, great humour will be always appreciated.

We will see you there!

PS. If you want to feel the atmosfere of the show, check this link: http://play5.free.fr/index.php/2008/12/04/defile-de-mode-d-cale-paris-ce-soir/

Results of our sondage

For 2 months on our blog we were collecting your answers on a simple question: if all designers are also entrepreneurs? Here you will find the current results:

As you can see, not everybody thinks that what makes a real entrepreneur is the fact of creation and design. Then what is it? We will raise this question again tomorrow, on the 4th of December, during our fashion show and we will be waiting for you at 19:00 at MIX to start our creative discussion.

You have still 1 day to give us your answer and make your mark in our initiative. Can designers inspire also by being entrepreneurs? We believe that yes, and tomorrow we will show you how they do that. So get ready for that and prepare for a good show!

2 déc. 2008

Défilé - Behind the Scenes (2)

Today we would like to present you several profiles of our gorgeous models. Don't forget that you can contact each of them easily by sending us a message on ducreateuralentrepreneur@gmail.com.

Olivia Pither

Audrey Marembert
24 ans
66 kg
90 / 74 / 90
Yeux bleus
Résidant en région parisienne
Voir l'intégralité de son book et CV sur : www.01casting.com/ibiscuce

Aliona Zhelikhovskaya

Eager to see more? Then, you know how to spend Thursday evening..:)

1 déc. 2008

Défilé - Behind the Scenes (1)

There are many people involved in our event and not all of them you will have an occasion to see in person, even if you will witness the creations of their work during our fashow show this Thurdsay.

This is why, we would like you to present them for you, and if you felt interested in any of these profiles, do not hesitate to contact them or send an e-mail to us!

Name: Daria Kolomeets
Age: 21
Role: Professional Make-up Artist
E-mail: dashamakeup@gmail.com

Almost 100 visits per day!

Our blog attracts on average 100 visitors per day, which is absolutely great! So far we have 450 confirmed guests, out of whom many are press representatives, photographers, designers, and certainly the ESCP-EAP professors, alumni and students. Thank you very much for all your enthusiasm and support which you have showed us so far - every day we are doing our best to make this fashion show the best possible, so we really hope that you will enjoy this event!

For those who have not confirmed their presence yet - if you wish to attend our fashion show on the 4th of December, please send us an e-mail on invitation.dcale@gmail.com.

Also, for those who would be interested to join the prestigious group of our strategic partners and to gain exposure to all our guests - do not hesitate to contact us on ducreateuralentrepreneur@gmail.com.

30 nov. 2008

Designer Profile (6) - Peter McDonald

Britain, Britain, Britain…

Last but not least, we are presenting you our last designer who will feature his works during our fashion show 'Du créateur à l'entrepreneur'. He is British, but presently living in France, and with his brand - Empire’s Union - he proposes you a mixture of British-French stylish T-shirts.

Why Empire’s Union? Apparently, our British fellows seem to be quite distant from the rest of their other European colleagues. Monarchy, Monthy Phyton, Mr. Bean, Katie Prince, English breakfast... There are strong arguments indeed which prove that Britain is a very independent star in our European universe. In this meaning, the ring of stars in the logo are to represent taking part but not belonging. The graphical design entirely refers to the geometry of the star and hence what is meant by the star: proximity with priniciples, freedom, etc…

Whatever it is supposed to mean – Peter McDonald offers you some really cool T-shirts, with fancy designs and often with an interesting message to pass – to observe the world alternatively.

Apart of seeing his collection during our fashion show, you can have a look on it via website (http://www.empiresunion.com/)and you can also buy them at Sylvia Rhud Gallery on 19 Rue Pierre Fontaine in Paris (9th district).

28 nov. 2008

Designer Profile (5) - Maria Aniskovich

Maria Aniskovich is a young Lithuanian designer and a fresh graduate from L’Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne. During our fashion show 'Du créateur à l'entrepreneur' she will be presenting her cocktail dress collection for season spring/summer 2008, which was already featured during Riga Fashion Week.

It is said that the woman who wears ANISKOVICH lives with her own idea of time and fashion, she is a synonym of youth and contemporary Parisian elegance. What characterises Maria's designs the most are soft feminine silhouettes based on thin fluid knits, material, which flatters women’s body and is perfectly suitable for petite robe noire.

You will have a chance to see her beautiful designs on the 4th of December in MIX. Venez nombreux!

We have been there...

This is where our Organizing Committee got the recent Prix Spécial de la Fondation Ernst & Young during Journées de l'Entreprenur, with our project M!o. Thank you Ernst & Young!


27 nov. 2008

New Partner - Franck Provost

We are glad to announce that our new Strategic Partner became Franck Provost!

We are very happy and pround to be working on this project together with an entrepreneur who recently was awarded two prizes for the Entrepreneur of the Year as he is setting a tramendous example for every 'entrecreateur'. Thank you for joining us!

We still encourage other entreprises to join us - if you are interested in an idea of our initiative, and you would like to help young creators and designers to become entrepreneurs, please do not hesitate to contact us (ducreateualentrepreneur@gmail.com).

Designer Profile (4) - FrenchSet

This time, we would like you to meet another participant from France - FrenchSet.

FrenchSet is a concept store around an internet community for those who like luxury (who doesn’t?:), but in a provocative and intelligent manner.

The motto for the designer is ‘prix-à-porter’, represented by the fact that these are the buyers who determine the price of a purchase. It is a matter of choice whether the price will be next put on a T-shirt or not, however what its founder is willing to provoke is the act of… irrational and superficial consumption!

This original idea was driven from the observation that there are no more ‘Yes-Yes’ consumers nowadays, so contrary to the latest trends (e.g. substantial development, fair trade, diversity etc.) in response to this changing attitude the Frenchset brand propose humor, irony and jeer.

Believe or not, but this works!

To get more information about this ‘entrecreateur’, please visit: http://www.frenchset.com/

26 nov. 2008

ATTENTION: New place of the venue!

With regard to your enthousiastic responses and your high participation, we are glad to announce that we our event will be accommodated in MIX (24 rue de l’arrivée, 75015 Paris) and no longer in Globo. The fashion show will be always taking place on the 4th of December and we will be opening the doors from 19:00 until 22:00.
For those who have not yet confirmed their prescence and have not registered their guests, we strongly encourage you to send us an e-mail on invitation.dcale@gmail, to be included on our final guest list.

Thank you for all your support and you are absolutely great!

24 nov. 2008

Designer Profile (3) - Dognin

As a child, Luc Dognin spent his time making small boxes, which he would then embellish and fill with hidden treasures. Stories of his great aunt spending her life enclosed in the 13th century family castle left him with a profound impression of his past.

Traces of his heritage took the form of letters, watercolours, lace archives and albums, which layer delicate Japanese paper cuts on newsprint. One photographic family portrait of a woman morphs into another creating a mysterious creature that functions as a Dognin imaginary muse…
‘The source’ is then transformed into the construction of modern day handbags that embellish the landscapes of our daily lives.

Luc Dognin appreciates his rich history but prefers to propel himself into the future by proposing new volumes and techiques that are at the same time luxurious, sensual, elegant and above all practical. There was a period in his life when he channeled his creativity through this fascination for numbers and the making of balance sheets. That same logic has been applied to the construction of a Dognin bag; every piece has its place and its purpose. The whole idea of a hidden structure creating an ideal form is not so far removed from 1937 ‘la grande scandale’. Dognin put the first heavy elastic structured under garment on the market and it was considered a ‘scandale’.

Dogni bads, like Luc’s childhood boxes, draw together and protect all the essentials of one’s daily life. Vital to the design are the secret theft proof pockets, zippers, adjustable leather straps and sophisticated linings. Each season new creations are added to the permanent collection, which now consists of about 100 pieces.

In March 100, Luc Dognin and Rafik Mahiout joined forces and launched the Dognin brand. They both want to bring fireworks back onto the Paris fashion scene through their brand by creating beauty, subtlety, desire and mystery.

To learn more about this interesting designer and his collaboration with Rafik Mahiout, please visit:

23 nov. 2008

Designer Profile (2) - Patrick MOHR

This time we would like to present you a designer coming originally from Germany – Patrick Mohr, who has went through an interesting transformation from modeling to designing and commercializing his own clothing lines.

He started his fashion career as a model in 2000, working in Paris and Milan, however in 2004 he took up a course of fashion design at Esmod fashion school. In 2007 he completed his course, with his spring / summer 2008 graduate collection which was awarded with the PRIX CREATEUR as best collection. It was next presented in the Apartment Showroom during the Mercedes Benz fashion week in Berlin.

His following collections were featured and nominated to the OFF SCHEDULE Amsterdam denim award in 2007 and 2008. Eventually, his most recent creation, »equilateral triangle of the unit assembly system« for spring / summer 2009, was presented during Paris fashion week in October 2008.

Nowadays his designs are available to buy in Germany, Italy, Denmark, Netherlands, Norway, Japan, Australia.. Do you want to know how he managed to do that? Come to our show and you will be able to ask him in person!

To find out more information about this designer and his creations, we invite you to his official website: http://www.patrickmohr.net/index.php?section=home.

Next week: profiles of other 4 interesting designers who will be brought to you by the team of ‘Du créateur à l’entrepreneur’!

21 nov. 2008

Casting for models - 26th Nov - CANCELLED

The following event has been cancelled - please send us a message on the ducreateuralentrepreneur@gmail.com and we will explain you the curret procedure.

'Next Wednesday, that is 26th of November, we are organising a casting for feminine models, who would like to participate in our event. You can be easily a part of this exceptional moment - all you need is to send a message on ducreateuralentrepreneur@gmail.com, and quickly we will keep in touch with you.

Do not forget that your participation is absolutely FREE, and it gives you an opportunity to shine during the evening which will gather many VIPs from the fashion world. Also the models will get professional pictures which will be taken during the runway show, which next can be added to their portfolio and which will mingle with the Paris fashion scene afterwards as well as they will be printed in fashion publications. To name just a few magazines that will be represented: Vogue (France & Germany), Gala (France & Germany),Vanity fair & glamour (Germany), Cosmopolitan & Joy & Prosieben TV (Germany), Iqons magazine (France), Image magazine (UK), Suburb magazine (UK), Dazed & confused (UK).

The casting will take place on the 26th of November at 17.00 at the ESCP-EAP (79, Avenue de la République, Paris). If possible, please confirm your participation on the following address: ducreateuralentrepreneur@gmail.com.

Prove that you can also be entrepreneurial and benefit from our thrilling initiavie!'

20 nov. 2008

Designer Profile (1) - GOACHIC

December 2004, the tsunami hits the shores of India. The country is paralysed. While travelling, Chris Balzac finds himself stuck in a remote fishermen village of north Goa. Writer, musician and photographer, he had wanted for quite some to experiment in a new field of creation : exotic vehicles. Once he overcame the shock of the tsunami, and still on stand by in this little village, he had a vision : to decorate a Royal Enfield Motorcycle with hand painted miniatures using the ancestral technique of gold coating, and to perfect the piece of art, to make a helmet decorated with Hindu Gods.

Back in Paris, Chris was constantly approached by people wanting to buy his helmet and wondering where one could get such a masterpiece. He put aside his unique sample and decides to fully develop this art concept at a better time.

Influenced by the vision of Andy Warhol, this repeated artwork production is the logical result of his perception of art, artists and handicraft. After 10 years of travel to India, discovering the sub continent with his Royal Enfield motorcycle, Chris learned to know, to appreciate, and to work with Indian craftsmen. Project after project he created a solid network of craftsmen working with him…

In January 2008, he decides to start the production of new prototypes in India. The success is instantaneous: the helmets are exhibited to few boutiques in the Marais in Paris, where they are eagerly awaited to be displayed in the showcases.

At the age of 23 years, Alexandre, has also discovered the roads of India on his Enfield motorcycle. He is currently completing HEC entrepreneur Master in Paris. From 2005-2006, he spent his time studying in New Delhi. There, he became the youngest French Businessman in India, launching his company Vintage Rides, which is the unique French agency specialized in motorcycle trips in India, offering journeys on Royal Enfield, framed by great stops in charming hotels. In 2008, already more than 200 passionate motorcycle riders joined.

It was clear that the encounter of those two people with a passion for India, motorcycles and aesthetics, would lead them to melt their talent as well as their experience to create in 2008 the GOACHIC brand, and launch the Dream Helmets onto the market.

You will have a chance to meet these inspiring entrepreneurs during our fashion show in Le Globo on the 4th Dec. More information you will find under this address:

19 nov. 2008

Groupe Facebook - Join us!

To have a constant access to whats is happening around our event and not to miss the final subscriptions to the guest list - add yorself on our Facebook group available here: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/group.php?gid=40934084768

12 nov. 2008

Place of the Venue

'Du createur a l'Entrepreneur' is going to take place in Le Globo (8, Boulevard de Strasbourg, 75010 Paris, http://www.leglobo.fr/).

It is a historic place whose origins go back to 1895, when it used to be a brewery and a meeting point for amateurs of dances such as waltz, polkas and quadrilles. Nowadays it is an exclusive spot hosting regularly various Parisian events, from parties to luxurious business meetings, accomodationg up to 900 people.

On that occasion we also would like to thank the owners for hosting our event, and we hope that it will be appreciated by all our great guests coming from different parts of Europe.

6 nov. 2008

Sponsors, join us!

Equipe Fashion is looking for sponsors!

Through this unique initiative of the JDE and the ESCP-EAP, we are giving you a unique oportunity for expoure to many fashion industry professionals, guests and entrepreneurs. If you think that you could support our event to make it even more glamorous - please contact us on the following address: ducreateuralentrepreneur@gmail.com.

You can find out more in the following presentation:

View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: globo defie)

13 oct. 2008

6 oct. 2008

Organisation d’un défilé de mode de jeunes créateurs recherche d’un lieu de prestige et d’exception!

Dans le cadre des journées de l’entrepreneur, nous souhaitons créer un évènement – le défilé de mode – autour des « entrecréateurs » qui sont des créateursentrepreneurs.

Notre événement va rassembler:
•Des professionnels du monde de la mode
•De jeunes créateurs talentueux
•Des investisseurs
•Des clients potentiels
•Des entrepreneurs
•Des étudiants.

Dans le but d’accueillir cette initiative, nous recherchons d’un lieu de prestige et d’exception. Nous souhaiterions que ce défilé de mode ait lieu au cours de la semaine du 17 au 23 novembre dans le cadre des journées de l’entrepreneur urant la journée (dans l’idéal de 14h à 17h). On prevoit que l’accès à ce défilé soit gratuit ou à un tarif minime et limité à une guest-list précise et fixée par avance.

On vous propose un partenariat gagnant-gagnant, vos avantages:
• Nous nous engageons à faire figurer sur tous nos supports de communication et dans toutes nos
campagnes de publicité.
• Votre lieu fera partie intégrante de notre politique de communication puisqu’il s’agit d’un endroit d’exception.
• Vous serez libre de vendre des boissons ou tout autre article aux tarifs que vous souhaitez pendant l’évènement.
• Vous pourrez utiliser l’ensemble des logos créés pour l’occasion des journées de l’entrepreneur.
• Des artistes et créateurs d’exception participeront à l’évènement, ajoutant à l’ambiance de la mode dont vous pouvez bénéficier.

Nous sommes prêts à venir vous présenter notre projet de vive voix et espérons que vous serez séduits par le côté novateur et avant-gardiste de notre projet.

Si vous êtes intéresses, merci d'envoyer un message à ducreateuralentrepreneur@gmail.com.

Merci d'avance!