27 nov. 2008

Designer Profile (4) - FrenchSet

This time, we would like you to meet another participant from France - FrenchSet.

FrenchSet is a concept store around an internet community for those who like luxury (who doesn’t?:), but in a provocative and intelligent manner.

The motto for the designer is ‘prix-à-porter’, represented by the fact that these are the buyers who determine the price of a purchase. It is a matter of choice whether the price will be next put on a T-shirt or not, however what its founder is willing to provoke is the act of… irrational and superficial consumption!

This original idea was driven from the observation that there are no more ‘Yes-Yes’ consumers nowadays, so contrary to the latest trends (e.g. substantial development, fair trade, diversity etc.) in response to this changing attitude the Frenchset brand propose humor, irony and jeer.

Believe or not, but this works!

To get more information about this ‘entrecreateur’, please visit: http://www.frenchset.com/

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oleandra a dit…

looks a bit crazy to me.. but why not;)!